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FALL is on its way here!

Observations about the current market… 1. Home Price Growth is Slowing Dramatically Now read that again. It doesn't say prices are dropping. It doesn't say prices are crashing. ...
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Summer Housing Market Coming to an End

5 things to know about the current market… 1. AN ECONOMIC RECESSION DOESN’T MEAN HOME PRICES WILL FALL We all remember what happened in 2008, and unfortunately for ...
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Summer Selling Slowdown and a Break for Buyers!

What a Difference a Couple Months Make! No one really has any idea how this market is going to pan out this summer…still. As I look at all ...
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A New Market for the Buyers and Sellers

What to expect for the Summer market… We are now officially in a "mixed bag" market! The houses that are in the perfect location, and condition, and at ...
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The Market is Changing, Just in Time for Summer!

What just happened to the Spring market? Well, the interest rate hikes over the past month or so definitely worked to slow down some of the crazy market ...
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